Michelle Kaufmann Designs – Building A Home With Nature In Mind

Environment has a profound effect on health. Of course it is nice to be spoiled by a home that protects us from the cold, pipes steaming hot water into our baths, and allows easy access to electricity to power up the TVs, fridges, microwaves, and massage chairs we just can’t live without. It is also true that many families travel for hours to spend a few nights in the woods to appreciate the scenery. A natural environment is rejuvenating. Nature has a profound effect on health: It is even assumed that people who have a tree in view from their hospital windows recover faster!

With natural beauty in mind, Michelle Kaufmann Designs, an amazingly innovative architectural design firm, has found a way to balance nature and function to design homes that are beautiful and eco-friendly.

Michelle Kaufmann founded the company in 2002 after noticing the lack of sustainable homes available. As stated in their website, Kaufmann “believes that how we develop our landscape is such an integral part of our culture and that what we build, and how we build, should improve the environment rather than harm it.”

The homes designed by Michelle Kaufmann are beautiful. Wooden patios, huge windows and simple decorations make these homes feel more like resorts than homes. And who doesn’t want to rest up at a resort after a hard day at work? Michelle Kaufmann lives in a GlideHouse herself. This is one of the home designs offered by the company.

“The Glidehouse meets the EnergyStar program standards for energy efficient homes and meets the performance standards of the American Lung Association program.This high performance home is insulated with an air-barrier, open cell foam insulation, and all wood-to-wood framing joints are caulked, which makes the home airtight, energy efficient, and less likely to produce mold. The Glidehouse also uses water-saving plumbing fixtures, on-demand water heaters, and a mechanical ventilation system that is 30% more efficient than typical forced-air systems.”

The MKLotus is the most recent design and is meant to look and feel like an oasis. Of course the next question is how expensive is it to live in paradise? Predesigned homes are priced at $250-275 per square foot, while a custom made home will cost upwards of $400 per square foot.

The nice thing about the company is that they specialize in community homes as well. These are less expensive ranging from $100-200 per square foot.

In the end, you are investing in a healthier environment, more beautiful community and get a gorgeous home to relax in.

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