Invention Alerts to Home Dust Dangers, Monitors Air Quality

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 24 (UPI) — Israeli researchers say they have developed a tool to warn of invisible dangers lurking in the dust found in homes.

Eyal Ben-Dor and Sandra Chudnovsky of Tel Aviv University in Israel said the sensor — called Dust Alert — is a portable chemical analyzer called a spectrophotometer that functions much like a chemistry lab and could help families and authorities monitor the quality of a home’s air.

“It works just like an ozone meter would,” Ben-Dor said in a statement. “We’ve found through our ongoing research that some simple actions at home can have a profound effect on the quality of air we breathe.”

He suggests the tool could accurately forecast the health of a home or apartment for prospective home owners.

“If somebody in your family has an allergy, poor air quality can be a deal breaker,” Ben-Dor said.

The findings have been published in Science of the Total Environment, Urban Air Pollution: Problems, Control Technologies and Management Practices.

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  1. margie Kara says:

    Where can a person get one of these test , or meters


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