5 Economic Benefits of Green Building

One of our favorite sites to find tips for living and practicing a greener lifestyle is ecoMYbuilding. At the end of July, ecoMYbuilding published a list that we really felt needed to be repeated – the Economic Benefits of Green Building.

Here’s a list of the five headlined tips – but be sure to read the article on 5 Economic Benefits of Green Building at ecoMYbuilding’s web site. Once there, you’ll see more information on each of the five benefits and can interact with site authors and other readers, too.

The economic benefits of having a green building can be huge! Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy if you have a green building.

1. Water and Energy Savings
You will see drastic reductions in your operation costs that are going to quickly recoup the money you invested and you will continue to see the huge long term savings. Now you can use that money for other things besides your utility bills.

2. Increased Property Values
Since energy costs are at an all time high, the low cost of operating and the easy maintenance of the green building will make for much lower vacancy rates along with much higher property values.

3. Improved Employee Attendance
The green buildings have control of temperature and ventilation along with increased natural lighting. This attributes to a much improved employee attendance and health. It has been found that the improvements to your indoor environment lowers your health care costs along with your work losses.

4. Increased Employee Productivity
Your employee productivity will be much greater because of the positive indoor environmental conditions. They will be sick much less often and will have a better over sense of well-being.

5. Sales Improvements
Studies have shown that there are better sales in building with more natural light and you will find that many retailers are more and more now using day lighting as an effort to bring in the huge sales benefits.

2 Responses to “5 Economic Benefits of Green Building”
  1. mwallcomm says:

    Really simple explanation of some of the core benefits of green building. Good stuff.

  2. More people should be made aware of these points. Great reasons to build more green buildings. People are still too impatient to consider the long-term benefits of investing in a green building.

    Great reasons though!!


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