Indiana Raises Alerts For Toxic Blue-Green Algae

The Indianapolis, Indiana health department has recently reported higher levels of toxic blue-green algae found at the Morse and Geist reservoirs. The health department is warning the general public to use more caution when swimming, skiing, and boating in the reservoir and urging them to avoid any type of consumption and contact of water that may contain the toxic algae.

The toxic-blue algae reportedly cause skin irritation and if ingested can cause gastrointestinal illness or much worse if gone untreated.

Dr. Howell says it is always a good idea to take a bath or shower with warm, soapy water after coming in contact with untreated water in ponds and lakes, especially before preparing or consuming food. He also recommends people never drink, cook, or shower with untreated water from lakes, ponds, or streams. Pets and livestock should also not be allowed to swim in or drink untreated water from these sources.

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