Denny's Sued After Serving Dangerous Amounts of Sodium In Their Meals

Tinton Falls, New Jersey resident Nick DeBenedetto and the Center for Scientific Interest recently filed a lawsuit against Denny’s Corp. this past Thursday citing dangerously high levels of sodium in every meal.

South Carolina-based Denny’s Corp. called the suit “frivolous and without merit,” the L.A. Times reported on its Web site.

Doctor’s have warned against consuming more than 2,300 milligrams a day, according to suit filed this can be done by only eating at least one of the hundreds of items offered on the Denny’s menu.

Read more about the menu choices Denny’s has set in place, which support people’s diets based on their chosen lifestyles and the true story behind what it really adds up to when ordering a Meat Lover’s Scramble.

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