Calgary Flames Jump Queue for Flu Vaccine, Alberta Health Services Manager Loses Job

CALGARY, Alberta, Nov. 5 (UPI) — Allowing the NHL’s Calgary Flames players and families to get H1N1 flu shots early has cost an Alberta Health Services manager his job, officials said.

The provincial agency announced Wednesday it had fired the unidentified mid-level manager for allowing the vaccinations for the hockey players and their families last week, the Calgary Sun reported Thursday. Further disciplinary action for other AHS employees was also possible, officials said.

Canada’s largest-ever mass inoculation program ran into a vaccine shortage last week as tens of thousands of people considered low-risk for acquiring H1N1 jammed clinics.

Guidelines state the vaccine must be offered first to people under 65 with a chronic condition, children between six months and five years and pregnant women

AHS spokesman Roman Cooney told the Sun the Flames organization wasn’t considered to be at fault.

“The Flames spoke with people senior enough that they could have reasonably expected this would be approved,” he said.

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  1. capitalist says:

    When will Ken King apologize instead arrogantly telling Calgarians that his hockey players and their spouses and children are more important than everyone else & all the other spouses and children in Calgary?


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