Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Site Shutdown By Senate

Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site, 90 miles outside of Las Vegas, has been shut down thanks to a bill passed by the Senate last Wednesday. The site was supposed to be used to help hold and contain over 77,000 tons of toxic waste, but leaves the United States with no long term plan of disposing and containing the waste.

The move fulfills Obama’s campaign promise to close Yucca Mountain, which was 25 years and $13.5 billion in the making. It would, however, leave the country without a long-term solution for storing highly radioactive waste from nuclear power plants.

The project site will still recieve over $196.8 million dollars in funds to help with work on the site, but shipping radioactive waste from power plants to the site will certainly not be a part of it’s future operations. However there is still an active law passed in 1987 that requires waste to be store stored at Yucca Mountain, which in theory could help bring the project back to life.

For more information on the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Site and how the bill will help will help local farmers with water transfers as well as Army Corp. Engineers please read the full article.

4 Responses to “Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Site Shutdown By Senate”
  1. carl pinkston says:

    what the hell is going on? what does obama plan to do? shut down all power plants.. i though he was espousing the rights of iran to build nuclear power plants.. why not also the U.S..
    there is some very stupid people running our government..

  2. Rich Jendrek says:

    What lunacy! Nuclear plants emit no hydrocarbons. Do they want to maximize Al Gore’s earnings form the emission taxes?

    What a waste. If France can get more than 80% power from nuclear, why can’t we? Jimmy Carter was responsible for nixing nuclear energy and we paid his education in the Naval Academy in nuclear engineering.

    The new plants are very different from the Three Mile Island plants.

    What is going to charge all the battery powered cars? If Hydrogen is a future fuel source, what other than electricity will generate the Hydrogen?

  3. William Burt says:

    It looks to me to be a sinister, calculating move by Obama to destroy the U.S. nuclear power industry thereby creating yet another national disaster. Once created, his answer will be that since private enterprize cannot provide the power the nation needs, the GOVERNMENT must step in and run it. Nationalizing the power generation industry will allow Obama to take the next step of nationalizing the rest of the electric utility industry, the power distribution systems.

  4. angelina rodriguez says:

    wow. i was about to write a paper on the Yucca Mountain Waste Disposal Site, and come to find out there may not be one! i dont really know how to react, there really must be a new plan drafted quik, but im releived they wont have that largescale hold of high-level waste. I also feel for Washington, the people must be so scared that it will be reimplimented in their state. I pray all goes well for everyone involved, all of us!


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