Vermont State Park Bathrooms Go Green, Create New Jobs

Sometimes, the little things are what make a difference. For the state of Vermont, something as small as converting their state park bathrooms over to use solar powered hot water heaters is a great step forward.

The news comes from Grand Isle Vermont as reported by WPTZ Channel 5, an NBC affiliate…

Gov. Jim Douglas announced on Wednesday a plan to install solar hot water systems at bathrooms and bathhouses at state park campgrounds around Vermont.

The Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation has designated $600,000 for the conversions. Douglas says the Legislature approved funds for energy efficient and alternative energy systems in the parks in the 2010 capital bill.

The move is not only a step forward for environmentalists, but it’s expected to help the state’s economy, too. Converting the hot water systems to solar powered ones will create jobs. With more than 55 state parks in the state, it’s certainly a great step forward for all involved.

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