Sierre Leone Bans Imports of Ozone-Depleting Products

Sierra Leone plans to prohibit imported goods known to damage the ozone layer, the federal Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday.

Kolleh Bangura, director of the West African nation’s EPA, told AFP that a new measure would ban products containing substances known to deplete the ozone, such as old refrigerators. The ban will go into effect April 1.

“A recent workshop has sensitised customs and marine officials as well as other stakeholders including fire-fighters on the harmful effect of ozone-depleting substances,” Bangura said, according to AFP.

“Sierra Leone has made progress in the issue of ozone depletion between 1990 to 2000 introducing environmental policies, strategies and regulations but practical control and management have been severely affected by lack of funding,” Bangura added.

The attempt to ban ozone-damaging products and substances dates back to 2008, when the law was first passed by the nation’s parliament. A lack of funding prevented the ban from going into effect until now.

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