Hillary Clinton Calls for “Real Action” in U.S.-China Summit

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is urging China to join the U.S. in confronting a host of shared political and economic issues.

With Chinese President Hu Jintao’s state visit fast approaching, Clinton said in a speech Friday that U.S.-China relations are at a “critical juncture” and that both nations must work together to build a “positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship.”

“It is up to both nations to translate the high-level pledges of summits and state visits into action. Real action, on real issues,” she said.

Washington and Beijing battled last year over a number of problems including trade in rare earth minerals for the clean energy industry, navigation rights, North Korean attacks on South Korea, and the Chinese currency.

Some U.S. analysts feel that Hu’s trip to the U.S. next week will be the most important visit in 30 years, Reuters reports.

“Global recession, nuclear proliferation, terrorism, piracy on the high seas — these are threats that affect us all, including China. And China should join us in confronting them,” Clinton said.

Clinton also urged China to use its “unique ties” with North Korea and persuade it to curb its nuclear arms programs.

“It is vital that China join with us in sending North Korea an unequivocal signal that its recent provocations — including the announced uranium enrichment program — are unacceptable and in violation of Security Council resolutions,” she said.

Clinton called for the release of jailed Chinese dissidents, including the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo.

“Some in the region and some here at home see China’s growth as a threat that will lead either to Cold War-style conflict or American decline, and some in China worry that the United States is bent on containing China’s rise and constraining China’s growth,” she said.

“We reject those views,” Clinton said.

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