Rockhampton, Australia Completely Cut Off by Flooding

Road access to Rockhampton, Australia was completely cut off Monday amid catastrophic flooding that has affected 200,000 people in the northeastern region of Queensland.

Defense Minister Warren Snowdon sent the military to deliver emergency supplies to the city by helicopter after the last road went underwater Monday, UPI said.

The flood, which covers an area the size of Germany and France combined, has killed at least 10 and destroyed thousands of homes.

The steady rain that fell for days beginning before Christmas caused rivers to swell and swamp at least 22 cities and towns, AP reports.

Officials have expressed concern that the deluge would trigger more flooding later this week from Dalby north to Kingaroy and east to Maryborough and the Sunshine Coast, UPI said.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said damages would run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

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