Report: Canadian North Not Ready for Melt

OTTAWA, Nov. 26 (UPI) — People living in Canada’s far north aren’t prepared for what global warming will do to their homes and infrastructure, a federal agency warned the government.

The independent National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy report to Parliament said climate change is moving fastest in Arctic areas, CTV News reported.

It noted there was increasing coastal erosion, degrading permafrost and melting ice roads that will require communities to be supplied by aircraft. However, the report also noted airport runways are also being affected by the warming and shifting ground.

The change is also responsible for more frequent and heavier snowfalls, and the agency noted many buildings weren’t erected to withstand heavy snow loads on their roofs.

Among the 16 recommendations in the report is that construction and engineering codes be updated to reflect the new conditions along with insurance system changes, CTV said.

Next month, world leaders and environmental ministers will meet in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a climate conference.

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