Poor Countries Threaten to Walkout of Copenhagen Climate Change Summit

BARCELONA, Spain, Nov. 6 (UPI) — Poor countries Friday threatened to walk out of next month’s Copenhagen climate change summit if developed countries do not pledge greater emissions cuts.

The Group of 77, an organization representing 130 developing nations, made the threat as the final round of preliminary negotiations ended in Barcelona, Spain, The Guardian reported. Lumumba Di-Aping of Sudan, who heads the G77, said the United States and Europe must also provide more aid to help poor countries update technology to cut emissions.

“Little progress was made on the key issues of emission targets and finance that would allow developing countries to limit their emissions and adapt to climate change,” said Yvo de Boer, who was directing the talks for the United Nations. “Without these two pieces of the puzzle in place we will not have a deal. Leadership at the highest level is now required to unlock the pieces.”

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