UN Applauds Pakistan’s Climate Change Efforts

The UN on Tuesday commended Pakistan for electively making efforts to curb heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions.

Though still shaken by recent widespread flooding, the nation has taken steps toward combatting climate change by restricting emissions in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol.

Speaking at a press conference in Islamabad Tuesday, Christina Figueres, executive secretary of UN framework convention on climatic change, praised Pakistan’s voluntary efforts to cut back on emissions.

“Pakistan currently does not have any legally binding obligation under the (framework) convention or under the Kyoto Protocol. Pakistan has participated on voluntary basis,” Figueres said.

Adhering to the Kyoto Protocol’s guidelines for developing countries, Pakistan is enacting 10 projects under a Clean Development Mechanism, with another 145 planned, Figueres said.

While India’s carbon output makes up just 0.38 percent of global emissions, that number will increase exponentially as the country develops, AFP reports.

Local environmental analyst Shafqat Kakahel told AFP that as an agricultural country, Pakistan is especially vulnerable to climate change, which causes an increased chance of environmental disasters like floods and droughts.

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