Energy Inspectors Save Energy By Tightening Grip On Home Builders

Even with the energy crisis of the 1970′s and the cries of climate scientist and architects alike the United State’s energy policies remain weak, while the nation’s energy problem continues.

As home builders move to develop more energy efficient home that prove to be ecofriendly to our environments and kinder to our wallets there still is the problem of efficiency.

With the fix, the house, already a model of energy efficiency, will use even less energy and save its residents money — for decades.

The homes themselves that are built to be more energy conscious are in fact effective, but still have numerous problems that can easily be resolved, which as gaps in wall insulation, home not being insulated enough, and energy-efficient water heaters.

To help resolve issues like this, Energy Inspectors now come and audit the homes as they are being built to identify points of inefficiency and to make they are fixed. This is currently the case in Austin, Texas where John Umphress operates as an energy inspector in a city with some of the most stringent building codes in the country.

Read more about the carbon foot print created by homes and ways to identify how to make your home more energy efficient.

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