PBS' Bill Moyers On Evangelical Christians & Environmentalism

Thank God – there are powerful God fearing folks who believe we must exercise stewardship over this earth. This earth is ours not just to use, but to nurture. A Christian environmentalism is emerging that is recognizable to secular environmentalists. But one must avoid jumping to conclusions as to the nature and nuances of rising environmentalist activism among evangelical Christians.

In his PBS blog, the well known journalist and commentator Bill Moyers has a favorable take on this in a recent post “Religion & Environmentalists” where he applauds a “nascent environmentalism in the evangelical community.” But Moyers might be missing the boat in his further observations on this phenomenon…

Moyers reports “In February 2006, a group of 86 respected evangelical Christian leaders from across the nation unveiled a campaign for environmental reform and put out a statement calling on all Christians to push for federal legislation that would reduce carbon dioxide emissions in an effort to stem global warming.”

If Bill Moyers believes that reducing carbon emissions to stop global warming is the biggest and most urgent environmental challenge of all time, then he is right to be pleased that some Christians have jumped on the stop-global-warming bandwagon.

If you think, however, that anthropogenic CO2 may not be the primary cause of global warming, and that global warming may not become as catastrophic as many currently claim, then what should one make of these evangelicals?

In his post Moyers all but equates environmentalism with fighting to regulate carbon emissions. He applauds this one manifestation of environmentalism within the evangelical Christian church, and says that up till now -

“evangelicals have been charging environmentalists – and those progressive Christians who support environmentalism – with idolatry for lavishing worship on ‘God’s creation’ rather than God. Moreover, they have been skeptical, if not downright hostile, toward government-mandated protection of the environment.”

Conscientious Christians search for the truth. They don’t care what the bandwagon hypothesis may be. When assessing the likely validity of prevailing climatological theories, Christians, perhaps ironically, may be more likely to rely solely on scientific reasoning than their secular environmentalist counterparts. Let’s hope so, anyway.

Being a Christian, an Environmentalist, or a Christian Environmentalist most certainly does not require one to be as certain as Moyers, Schwarzenegger, Blair or Gore seem to be on the subject of global warming and how severe it is, or what to do about it.

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