Climate Change Dispute Highlighted by Hacked E-mail

NORWICH, England, Nov. 21 (UPI) — E-mail stolen by hackers prove some leading British climate change scientists falsified information to prove their case, skeptics of global warming say.

The e-mail, allegedly hacked from East Anglia University in Norwich, England, have been published on Web sites run by climate change skeptics, including The Air Vent, The Times of London reported Saturday.

Hundreds of e-mail messages were stolen from the university’s climate research unit, but it had yet to be determined how much of the information published on the skeptics’ Web sites was genuine, the university said in a statement Friday.

Several of the messages allegedly were written by Phil Jones, head of the university’s climate unit. One message, dated Nov. 16, 1999, referred to temperatures and a “trick” that could be used to “hide the decline,” The New York Times reported Saturday.

Jones declined to comment on whether the message was genuine, The Times of London reported.

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4 Responses to “Climate Change Dispute Highlighted by Hacked E-mail”
  1. kingpablo says:

    I say good. Release ALL the data and see if the science holds up to open proper scientific methodology. If it does, then they should be proud of their work and have nothing to hide.

  2. Steve Lindsey says:

    In the 70′s it was the coming Iceage.. Now Global Warming.. Government has to come up with something to keep us in-line..

  3. rick says:

    What happened to this site, it used to be a show both side of the story now it just seems to trumpet the AGW agenda? The emals clearly show manipulation of the peer review process, bullying of Journals to dismiss anything counter to their theory. Modification of RAW Data, deleteing data from Freedom of Information. The silencing of this story speaks volumes!

  4. Tina says:

    Wake Up Wake Up, Climate Change has been happening for Centuries upon Centuries, before the invention of cars, planes, the industrial revolution. Continents have been changed where once the U.K was supposedly joined to Europe it has separated and is now an island, the Straights of Dover used to be dry land. Cities lie beneath the oceans and seas which existed long before we used oil, petrol, electricity and all of today’s tools for living. So kindly explain who was responsible then. The Earth has its own cycles, time when Dinosaurs roamed it and man was but a twinkling in God’s creation, don’t you think He is still in charge??? What can man do in the face of God? NOTHING. What is prophesied cannot be changed. Read your Bible.


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