Forecasters Say Early Colorado Snowfall is No Predictor for Season

DENVER, Sept. 23 (UPI) — The hills above Denver got some serious snow this week with more than 10 inches falling in some areas.

More snow was forecast in the Front Range Wednesday, The Denver Post reported. The National Weather Service predicted up to 10 inches in areas above 6,000 feet, larger amounts higher up and rain in Denver itself with possibly a dusting of snow later in the day.

While the snow is falling unusually early, scientists say that is no predictor of the rest of the winter. Nolan Doesken of Colorado State University, the state climatologist, said he studied the relationship between timing of the first snow and later weather and found there was none.

“We found that pretty much anything could happen,” he said. “It’s totally unrelated.”

Even the short-range weather pattern appears variable. The National Weather Service expects temperatures in the 70s in Denver this weekend, summer weather for a city a mile above sea level.

“We sure are having an unusual weather pattern right now,” said Klaus Wolter, a University of Colorado climatologist who also works with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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