Republicans Say Obama's Climate Change Efforts to Cost Jobs

WASHINGTON, Dec. 12 (UPI) — Efforts backed by U.S President Barack Obama to stop global warming would wipe out millions of American jobs if enacted, a Republican Party spokeswoman says.

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., warned listeners to the GOP’s weekly radio address that complying with plans to cut carbon emissions put forward by world leaders at the U.N. climate change conference this week in Copenhagen, Denmark, “would destroy millions of American jobs and damage our economic competitiveness for decades to come.”

Blackburn asserted that to comply with a Copenhagen agreement, “Washington Democrats” want to enact a “national energy tax, a bureaucratic nightmare that would make households, small businesses and family farms pay higher prices for electricity, gasoline, food and virtually every product made in America.”

Blasting the “cap-and-trade” greenhouse gas emission legislation that has passed the House and stalled in the Senate, Blackburn said Obama has “piled more regulation on the backs of families and small businesses in the name of combating global warming,” referring to a move by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency determining that carbon dioxide emissions endanger human health and must be regulated.

“My bill, H.R. 391, would stop the EPA,” Blackburn said.

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  1. Darrell says:

    Another one of this supposedly (Union friendly) presidents programs that will cost hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Union and Non-Union electric utility employees nationwide their jobs is the grants he is giving to all of the electric utilities for smart grid technology. Now every investor owned utility, coop and municipality can buy electric meters that can be read, disconnected and reconnected from offices putting workers nationwide that currently and historically do these jobs manually out in the field out of work. Thanks a lot Mr President for using everyones tax money to put mass amounts of people out of work. What a joke! I hope all of the people who voted for him are really happy with all of the change we are getting from him.


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