Ontario Puts Wind Projects on Hold

The Canadian province of Ontario is putting a moratorium on off-shore wind farms until it has a better idea of their potential environmental impact, Reuters reported Friday.

The province said Friday it would not approve any proposed projects and that it would suspend current wind applications under its program to buy power from alternative energy sources.

The moratorium does not apply to on-shore projects.

“We will be working with our U.S. neighbors to ensure that any offshore wind projects are protective of the environment,” John Wilkinson, Ontario’s minister of the environment, said in a statement, according to Reuters.

“Offshore wind on freshwater lakes is a recent concept that requires a cautious approach until the science of environmental impact is clear. In contrast, the science concerning land based wind is extensive.”

The government’s so-called feed-in tariff program makes use of energy generated from solar, wind, water and biomass.

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