Solio-Charge Anything Under the Sun

Imagine trekking through the snow in one of the most remote places in the world. Wind whips around your whole body. Your fingers and toes are numb from the cold. A thick fur lined hood obstructs your peripheral vision, but there is nowhere to walk but straight ahead, anyway. When it comes time to call in for help, the satellite phone fails to pick up a signal. Then the unthinkable happens…the battery dies.

A dying cell phone in the remote wilderness is a disaster. A dead mp3 player, camera or GPS system is not as serious, but also an incredible annoyance.

Solio, the world’s most advanced hybrid solar charger, has ensured that no one has to ever be without power. The lightweight design of the oval shaped device makes it perfect for travel, and when unfolded, the fan-like solar panels provide the Solio with an impressive charge: just one hour of sunshine will provide about 20 minutes of cell phone time. This is especially important for travelers or adventurers in the middle of an emergency.

The Solio Hybrid 1000 charger
- 198 x 68 x 18mm, .6 watt output
(Photo: Solio)

A fully charged Solio Classic model, has enough energy to charge an ipod for 20 hours. It is definitely worth it to bring a Solio on camping trips if you enjoy listening to music while sitting under the stars or on a secluded beach in the middle of nowhere.

If an outlet is available, the Solio will easily plug into a wall. The gadget comes with a variety of adapters which work for most devices. This eliminates the need to pack all the charging cables for the psp, Nintendo, camera or iphone that we can’t live without.

There is no need to worry about needing to replace your Solio any time soon, since its lithium ion battery lasts for 350-500 charges. The ‘internal fuel gauge’ indicates its current charge and figuring out the charge is pretty straightforward: Once the start button is pressed, a green light flashes 4 times verifying that the Solio is fully charged. A full charge takes about 8 hours to achieve with the help of direct sunlight.

Solio has given many individuals a chance to be less dependant on electricity. In Kenya, for example, the local Masai use a donated Solio to charge a cell phone used for medical emergencies.

This little device really is a lifesaver.

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