Forbes: 4% of America's Energy Comes from Renewable Sources

Earlier in the month of August, Jonathan Fahey of published an article that was part of their Special Report on Green Energy. The article struck us here at EcoWorld and left us feeling quite disappointed.

Why? Because a mere 4% of energy used in this nation comes from renewable energy sources like wind, solar, biomass and geothermal.

The immediate question that needs to be asked – is why this number is so low. Fahey summarizes the answer to this critical issue in his article…

The problem, in a word, is money. Even though the fuel is free, the technology and infrastructure needed to gather the energy, or harness it, or transform it, or transport it adds up to something more expensive than burning coal, natural gas, uranium or gasoline.

Federal and local governments both in the U.S. and around the world are helping bridge the money gap with tax breaks, grants, mandates and, ever more, making dirty electrons more expensive than clean ones by putting a price on carbon.

But each of the major technologies has its own set of problems that is holding it back from truly widespread adoption. Forbes asked experts in the four major renewable energy technologies to explain.

So what can environmentalists and renewable energy enthusiasts do now to help increase America’s use of renewable energy? Please drop a comment and let us know what you think can help increase that tiny number of 4%…

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One Response to “Forbes: 4% of America's Energy Comes from Renewable Sources”
  1. The situation is seriously dire. The worlds most powerful economy should be setting an example, only 4%? How can the United States tell other countries how they should conduct themselves in relation to the energy crisis if they can’t sort things out in their back-yard?

    I guess there’s no economic incentive to make the change towards renewable energy sources. There isn’t going to be change until things get serious environmentally… which might then be too late.

    4%… I don’t believe it!


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