Massachusetts Universities to Receive $52.5 Million for Solar Power Research

The Boston Globe recently reported that more than $52 million will be made available to select universities for solar power research.

Earlier this year, both universities were named among 46 Energy Frontier Research Centers across the nation that are being funded by federal stimulus dollars, as well as money from the US Department of Energy.

“As global energy demand grows, there is an urgent need to reduce our dependence on imported oil and curtail greenhouse gas emissions,” US Energy Secretary Steven Chu said yesterday in a statement announcing delivery of the money. “These centers will mobilize the enormous talents and skills of our nation’s scientific workforce in pursuit of the breakthroughs that are essential to expand the use of clean and renewable energy.”

According to the Globe, two research groups will split $36.5 million for studying how to better harvest energy from the sun, how to acquire energy from other similar thermal sources, and then converting that solar based energy into storable forms of electricty.
The University of Massachusetts campus in Amherst will receive the remaining $16 million so that their researchers can look into using polymer materials for the conversion of sunlight into electricity.

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