Marquiss Wind Power

Marquiss Wind Power – Blowing Away the Energy Bill. It may be annoying to hear wind whip its way around your home forcing windows to rattle and trees to bend and creak under its pressure. But with new wind technology, at least it is no longer wasted energy. The patented ducted wind turbine designed by Marquiss Wind Power (MWP) takes advantage of winds that inevitably blow across rooftops. Right now, the technology is intended to be used in commercial and industrial buildings but who knows where else these turbines will find themselves in the future.

The Marquiss Wind Power homepage explains why wind turbines are so appealing:
- An ROI of 2 – 7 years
- Payback twice as fast as solar
- Allows for “rolling back the power grid” during high wind times
- Enables businesses to publicly embrace a green power source

In addition to the points above, wind power has the potential to generate power all day and night. MWP estimates that “at a constant wind speed of 28MPH, we expect the Marquiss Wind Power ducted wind turbine will be rated at 12Kw.” This may be enough of an incentive to drop $30,000-40,000 for a wind turbine. These turbines also come with a 10 year warranty and are expected to work without any issues for over 25 years.

An interesting question is whether wind power can provide more energy than solar. MWP states that “the payback period for an investment in a Marquiss Wind Power ducted wind turbine is shorter than an investment in solar. Across the solar industry, the payback period ranges from 7-12 years depending on discounts, latitude, and many other factors. The payback period for a Marquiss Wind Power product will depend on your location, wind speed, and model purchased, but your maximum payback period is expected to be no more than 5 years.” The great news is that wind turbines can be used in conjunction with solar panels to create a hybrid system.

After 2 decades of research in wind turbine design, Stanley Marquiss founded the company in 1996. Paul A. Misso, CEO, has over 20 years of experience in management and IT for a fortune 100 firm, while COO, Steve Mathias, has been a part of many successful businesses including a Fortune 500 biotech firm.

MWP is currently accepting orders and will begin setting up the turbines this year.

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