Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

Iran's Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

Interior view of Iranian and foreign technicians work at Iran’s Bushehr Nuclear power plant, 755 miles south of the capital Tehran,Iran, in photo released on November 30,2009. Iran announced plans to build ten uranium-enrichment plants, drawing sharp international criticism and fueling fears the country wants to build a nuclear weapon. UPI/ISNA/Mehdi Ghasemi

Date Taken: December 1, 2009

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  1. Shawn Wachter says:

    I am disappointed to hear that Iran is still stuck on uranium enrichment.

    A mixture of plutonium and thorium is the fuel of the future. LEU has just completely gone out of style. Maybe if there was more international cooperation they would be working on state-of-the-art reactors and fuel cycles – the kind we should have been building in the U.S. a decade ago – rather than pressing forward with the last generation’s cumbersome designs.

    But I wish them luck with regards to civilian nuclear power sources. And I hope they leave their oil in the ground.

    By the way, is anyone going to tell them that there is already an international fuel bank being made available?


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