NASA: Signs of Water and Ice on Earth's Moon Found

NEW YORK, Sept. 24 (UPI) — A Columbia University professor says NASA will announce Thursday its lunar mapping satellite has returned data suggesting there may be water ice on the moon.

Professor of astronomy Arlin Crotts says the space agency’s satellite has uncovered evidence that there may be water beneath a large part of the Moon’s surface. Crotts predicts the moon may hold large ice reserves in layers just below the surface, especially in the moon’s polar regions.

“This finding has pretty great implications,” Crotts said. “Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen, the most effective, easily available rocket fuel. If there’s a large amount of water on the Moon, then getting around the Solar System is suddenly much easier. We would have a convenient pit stop not weighed down by Earth’s gravity. And living on the Moon will be much easier.”

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