Reactions to United State's Kyoto Pullback

Sunday, April 1, 2001

The London Observer

Global warming. The President Who Bought Power and Sold the World

George Bush’s decision to ignore global warming and pull the plug on Kyoto is payback for the energy industries which backed him.

The story behind the singular determination of Bush to fly in the face of world opinion, the sentiments of most Americans and even many in his own government reveals adherence to ideological rigour and a payment of debts to the business interests that helped him to the White House – above all, oil and coal…

The Observer UK

April 3, 2001

USA Today

Bush trades global-warming concerns for energy profits

By DeWayne Wickham

Bush’s abandonment of the Kyoto Protocol followed an announcement that he will break his campaign promise to force power plants to reduce their carbon-dioxide emissions. Bush said his reversal is driven by a looming energy crisis; but it’s more likely a reward to the coal industry that helped him win the Democratic stronghold of West Virginia in the presidential election. When it comes to the fruits of his victory, Bush is more inclined to place the interests of his corporate supporters ahead of the voters…

USA Today

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

San Jose Mercury News

EDITORIAL Our SUVs rule, Bush tells the world

“We will not do anything that harms our economy, because first things first are the people who live in America,” said President George W. Bush, dismissing the international treaty aimed at slowing global warming.

So those Nervous Nellies around the world are just going to have to understand that Americans have SUVs to fuel up and air conditioners to crank up. Just the other week, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham forecast a “major energy supply crisis.” You can bet he didn’t call for more windmills…

Mercury Center

Dear Mr. President . . .

We [Audubon Magazine] asked 16 scientists and other thinkers a single question:

What should President Bush do?

“President Bush must lead America away from fossil fuels to a bright future built upon renewable, clean energy. As long as we insist on drilling, digging, and burning fossil fuels, the American people will always be fighting a rear-guard defense of our air and water; The technology and economics are right for this transformation today.

“Freeing America from its foolhardy dependence on fossil fuels could be President Bush’s greatest legacy; a legacy that even Theodore Roosevelt might envy…”

Audubon Magazine

The Green Science


US News

By David Gergen

Bush as global steward

The United States is not living up to its responsibilities as a steward of the Earth, and the world is now looking to George W. Bush for personal leadership…

Monday, 29 January, 2001, 11:09 GMT

British Broadcasting Company

Analysis: Oil and the Bush cabinet

What makes the new Bush administration different from previous wealthy cabinets is that so many of the officials have links to the same industry – oil.

The concentration of energy connections is so pronounced that some critics are calling the Bush government the “oil and gas administration”.

There are also questions about how energy policy decisions may be affected by the private financial interests of so many senior cabinet members…

BBC News

The Guardian

Special report: global warming

It seems ironic that on the day the world’s scientists issue a report saying the problem is escalating, the new US president should say he is not sure whether global warming is a reality or a threat.

One of the ironies is that some of the best and most influential scientists who have come to these conclusions are American, yet they have a Texan oil man, President George W. Bush, who is not convinced of their arguments…

Guardian Limited UK

The New York Times

By Joseph Kahn

Energy Efficiency Programs Are Set for Bush Budget Cut

WASHINGTON, April 4 – The Bush administration plans to cut programs intended to make buildings and factories use less energy and to generate more power from the wind and the sun.

The cuts, being proposed despite the administration’s contention that the nation faces an energy crisis, would reduce the Energy Department’s overall spending on energy efficiency and renewable energy by about $180 million, or 15 percent, though some people involved in the process said the administration had talked of cuts of up to 30 percent…

NY Times


The World Can’t Wait for Another Climate Treaty

The Worldwatch Institute responds to the Washington Post’s March 28, 2001 story: “U.S Aims to Pull Out of Kyoto Pact”

Although President Bush has argued that the Kyoto Protocol could damage the economy, not implementing the treaty would actually be more damaging. Outside the U.S., many countries are moving rapidly to pursue a new generation of 21st century energy technologies such as fuel cells, wind turbines, and solar electric generators. Those countries that address climate change earliest will dominate the massive new energy technology markets of the new century-and create millions of jobs in the process…

World Watch

The Guardian

‘Flood Bush’ email stalls White House server

BP and Shell have joined a Friends of the Earth email campaign targeting President Bush…

Guardian UK

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