Habitat For Humanity & Home Depot Go For the Green in Sustainable Living

Habitat for Humanity and Home Depot are teaming up together to spear head a sustainable living program that exceeds a budget of $30 million dollars and hopes to have constructed over 5,000 energy efficient homes with in the next five years. This big move to push forward for sustainable living comes from a successful pilot program where 260 sustainable homes were constructed by 30 affiliate builders.

Of the 260 homes built, some were able to cut energy use by 50 percent and are now LEED Platinum certified for their excellence in energy efficiency.

The national roll out of this sustainable living program will begin at the end of August when Habitat for Humanity affiliates will be receiving certified spending grants to being construction in 45 states. There are high hopes to help sustain current homes and structures as well as build new energy efficient homes that are affordable and Energy Start certified.

The process will also be contributing to greenhouse-gas reductions, shedding 11 tons of annual household carbon and greenhouse-gas emissions when compared to standard home building, or the equivalent of plucking 250 cars off American roadways.

Read the full article for more information on how Home Depot and Habitat for Humanity are pioneering sustainable living.

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