IceEnergy – Keeping Yourself Cool With Stored Ice Energy

Everyone sweats. It is the unfortunate truth that heat leaves us feeling uncomfortable, sticky and lethargic. It is no wonder that many countries with hotter summer climates like Argentina and Italy close shop during the hottest time of day. Between 1-5pm in the afternoon, you would be hard pressed to find any store open because no one wants to work in a 100 degree environment. Fortunately, with the development of Air Conditioning, work environments have become more comfortable and productivity is definitely higher because of it.

Typical air conditioning units work by using a refrigerant, like freon, for cooling. Strangely enough, the freon first runs through a compressor that transforms the freon into a HOT gas. This gas runs through a set of coils until it cools down to liquid form. Afterwards it runs through an expansion valve that forces the freon to evaporate and turn into a cold, low-pressure gas. This gas cools tubes of water that are pumped through a building to absorb excess heat.

The mechanics are simple to understand, but people are more concerned with the cost. During the hot summer months, electric bills sky rocket because of the need to keep cool. However, Ice-Energy has found a solution.

Energy costs are cut by around 20% when their patented “Ice Bear” is attached to an A/C unit. This machine runs at night, freezing water in its massive storage tank when temperatures are cooler and electricity is plentiful. This ice lasts well into the end of the day where it is used to keep the refrigerant cool before it runs to the AC. Cooling the refrigerant through an AC unit is an energy intensive process, but with the help of the Ice Bear, the refrigerant flows already cooled.

Ice Energy explains the process in their website:

“The Ice Energy system supplements your home’s central air conditioner. Cooling energy is created and stored during nighttime hours when energy is inexpensive and less polluting. During peak daytime hours, the stored cooling is supplied to your home through your air conditioning system. It’s a super-efficient ‘cooling battery’.”

The result is improved cooling comfort, but with 90-95% of the energy use shifted to nighttime hours.”

Through the use of their product, energy bills are cut dramatically and owners can be proud of reducing pollution.

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