E85 – Fuel from Corn

If you live in the midwestern United States, it’s getting pretty easy to find gasoline-ethanol blends. “E85″ is a gasoline-ethanol blend that is 85% ethanol, with the ethanol typically refined from corn. This fuel can run in most automobiles with only minor alterations. Some new vehicles are designed now to run interchangeably on either an 85% ethanol-gasoline blend, or 100% gasoline. Want to find out more? Visit this collection of online resources:

National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition

Illinois Green Fleets

Iowa Corn

Wikipedia – definition of E85

Nebraska Ethanol Board

How to modify your car to run on ethanol

Alternative Fuels Data Center – US DOE

Ethanol Today

American Coalition for Ethanol

Data on “Energy Balance” of Ethanol

Data on Clean Air Benefits of Ethanol

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  1. airgle says:

    I have heard of this technology, and you can use fuel from corn. There are some companies in the world are working on this but not very successful because the alternative is expensive.


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