Activist Push To Regulate TransAlta Coal Plant's Emissions

Environmental activist continue push to limit the green house gas emission caused by a TransAlta Coal Plant near Centralia, Washington, which is said to be accountable for a whopping 10 percent of the state’s entire green house emissions.  The activist are urging the Southwest Clean Air Agency to step in and regulate the emissions being produced by the coal plant, because they believe that they are hazardous to public safety and health.

In what could become a national test case, four national and regional conservation groups have told the Southwest Clean Air Agency that it has “the legal mandate and the moral obligation” to limit carbon dioxide emissions from Washington’s only coal-fired electrical plant.

Executive Director, Bob Elliott, disagrees with the activist claims and says that he himself lacks the legal authority to mandate limits on the green house emissions produced by the TransAlta coal plant.

For more details and information regarding the TransAlta Coal Plant emissions please read the full article.

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