Clinton Foundation to Build Solar Power Station Near India's Border with Pakistan

Clinton Foundation officials have signed off on plans to create a solar power station with enough capacity, it could generate more than 5,000 megawatts of electricity. According to Indian news reports, the facility is a project that state government plans to sign off on with 40 different energy companies.

The Telegraph has more…

The project is one of up to 40 schemes aimed at transforming the desert border with Pakistan into the world’s biggest solar energy hub.

The state government has signed deals with 40 energy companies, each planning to generate between five and 50 Megawatts of solar energy.

One plan will see the border area lined with large solar mirrors to transform the sun’s rays into power.

Mr Patel said his government had allocated 1,500 hectares of land for the project and will also offer financial incentives for companies which begin generating electricity before December 2010.

The development emerged on Wednesday after India’s central government in New Delhi unveiled plans to invest £11 billion in new solar plants and encourage 20,000 families to switch to solar by 2020. Government offices throughout the country must make the switch before 2012.

Gujarat’s plans will be a major boost to the government’s hopes to make solar financially competitive with electricity generated from coal-powered plants.

Local officials said Gurarat’s border with Pakistan, Patan and Banaskantha districts are perfect for solar power generation. “Land availability is not an issue here. Sunlight is plenty and rainfall is sparse. It is an ideal location for solar power generation,” said one official.

Administrators from the Clinton Foundation visited the areas where the solar park could be built and are now deciding on which of those locations will be home to the solar facilities.

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