California Needs More Power Lines as State Shifts to Greener Sources

Earlier this month, California’s Orange County Register ran an article that discussed the state’s need for more power lines as it shifts towards greener sources for electricity.

The full article is certainly worth a read, and here’s a taste of what you can expect on the OC Register’s web site…

An advisory report says California will likely need more power lines as the state shifts to greener energy sources.

However, the study issued Wednesday by a group of utilities and state agencies, only hints at where those lines might be constructed.

Natural Resources Defense Council attorney Johanna Wald says the report shows most of the estimated need can be met with improvements to existing lines.

Billions of dollars could be needed to build new lines with the growth of solar and other renewable energy.

Groups involved included the state Public Utilities Commission, Energy Commission, utilities and environmental groups.

For more on this story, please see the Natural Resources Defense Council and the California Public Utilities Commission websites.

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