Baghdad Health Clinics Using Solar Power Over Diesel Generators

BAGHDAD, Sept. 24 (UPI) — Iraq, one of the Middle East’s largest oil producers, is experimenting with solar energy.

Al-Sabah al-Jadid reported Thursday the government has instituted a project to power Baghdad’s health centers with solar energy instead of diesel generators.

Dr. Imran Laftah Fadil, director of the health department in Baghdad’s Al-Kazimiyah district, told the newspaper that work has been completed converting the Martyr Abd-al-Sahib Dakhil Health Center to solar power with U.S. funding, adding that the district is also installing solar panels at the Al-Iraq al-Jadid (New Iraq) Health Center in the capital’s Al-Ghazaliyah, which authorities hope will come online shortly.

“Upon its inauguration, the project was able to power all electrical equipment at the center, except for heating and air-conditioning equipment,” Laftah Fadil said. “Despite this, the work is successful in powering the equipment for preserving vaccines (refrigerators), the equipment for preserving medicines, fans and lighting. We hope that the project will develop so as to serve the largest possible number of our other health centers and all districts of Baghdad and that it will be more useful.”

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  1. barbara says:

    I cannot be amazed anymore at what our American government underwrites! Solar panels in oil rich Baghdad. I am most certain they will never pay a dime for. I want solar panels. I cannot afford them. Now I know why. Really!


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