A Solar Concentrator Compendium

A Cyber Research Resource Compiled by Joseph Reid

October 29 – 31, 2001

The First International Conference on Solar Electric Concentrators

The First International Conference on Solar Electric Concentrators will emphasize in-depth technical discussions of recent achievements in technologies for concentrating solar radiation for conversion to electricity…


Concentrator Systems

The performance of a PV array can be improved in a number of ways. One option is to employ concentrating optics, which gather sunlight with lenses, thereby increasing the intensity of sunlight striking the PV cell. (This is similar to using a magnifying glass.)…


Square Dish Concentrator

This square dish solar concentrator was designed for high intensity concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) space cells..


The Solar Concentrating System Website

This is the site for solar concentrator systems, whether it is for passive heating, electricity generation, big systems, small systems…

Solar Concentrating System Website

Solar group unveils ’round-the-clock’ power

The Solar Thermal Group of the Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems at the ANU has demonstrated a world-first solar thermal system that is capable of producing power day and night…

Round the Clock

What Is Concentrating Solar Power?

Concentrating solar power plants produce electric power by first converting the sun’s energy into heat, and then to electricity in a conventional generator…


Concentrating Solar Power: CSP Technologies

By collecting solar energy during daylight hours and storing it in hot molten salt, concentrating solar power technologies like power towers give utilities an alternative method for meeting peak loads…


Solar Thermal Electric Power Plants

Using trough, dish, or central receiving collectors, solar thermal electric power plants concentrate sunlight to achieve temperatures in excess of 600 deg. C. There are many commercial plants now in service, and several larger ones being planned or constructed…


Solar Dish/Engine Systems

Solar dish/engine systems convert the energy from the sun into electricity at a very high efficiency. Using a mirror array formed into the shape of a dish, the solar dish focuses the sun’s rays onto a receiver. The receiver transmits the energy to an engine that generates electric power…


A Compendium of Solar Dish Technology

This technology compendium, which is international in scope, presents the results of a survey on the technology status, system spefifications, performance, and operation of parabolic dish solar collectors that use Stirling engines to generate electrical power…

Solar Dish Compendium

Future Solar Thermal concentrators

Scientists at the University of Chicago have developed a system to deliver solar radiation concentrations of over 60,000 times the intensity of the sun…


Refractive Secondary Solar Concentrator Being Designed and Developed

As the need for achieving super high temperatures (2000 K and above) in solar heat receivers has developed so has the need for secondary concentrators…


High-Flux Solar Furnace

Researchers create highly concentrated solar energy, called solar flux, by reflecting sunlight from precisely curved mirrors, similar to the way a satellite dish reflects radio waves to a point…

High-Flux Solar Furnace

solar concentrator cell

The development of a solar concentrator cell that can efficiently produce electricity for cities and industries brings sun energy a big step closer to giving power sources like fuels a run for their money, researchers said Wednesday…


Infinitely Large Solar Furnace

By William Beaty 1996(c)

For those who dream of giant solar collectors which can generate temperatures high enough to melt steel, below is a method for building your own Solar Furnace of any size you desire…


Solar Concentrator Sites

A Philosophical outlook and a practical Trough Concentrator design.

James Bassett’s Concentrating Dish Page

Solar Concentrator Sites

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  1. Using higher concentrations of direct heat is going to require some rethinking related to cost effective heat diffusion materials.
    This is especially going to affect the progress as far as small commercial and residential applications.

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