Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership: A Catalyst for Change

A few innovative people are motivated by ideas that will improve their communities, but the one thing that usually stands in their way is funding. Everything costs money.

Tomorrow’s sustainable future
is REEEP’s challenge today
(Photo: REEEP)

This is where Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) comes in. This unique organization is backed by governments, banks, NGO’s and businesses that all have an interest in the sustainable energy market.

REEEP has distributed millions of dollars to fund various projects focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency: In 2005, REEEP disbursed a modest 1.1 million euro throughout the world, but with their constant success and the addition of interested parties, available funding has continued to grow and in 2008 they had over 4 million Euro to hand out to worthy projects.

Some examples of recently funded projects include the following:

  • Amazonia Energy Initiative to increase energy access for isolated communities
  • Developing a vehicle for mass Implementation of solar water heating in South Africa
  • Development of a business plan for rural electricity generation (DG) system based on biomass
  • Financing Small Hydro Projects in the Sugar and Tea Industry in East and Southern Africa
  • The Implementation of the Brazil grid-connected solar photovoltaic roofs program
  • Compiling Renewable energy Legislation for Kazakhstan
  • Promoting low energy building programs in China

These and other projects sponsored by REEEP display impressive variety, but a characteristic shared by all these projects is that they can be mirrored by interested countries and replicated on a larger scale.

Besides funding hundreds of unique projects, REEEP is proud to have initiated other activities as well: One of their major claims to fame is Reegle – “the information gateway for renewable energy and energy efficiency.” Launched in 2006, Reegle is a unique search engine that shows only the highest quality websites dedicated to green technology and energy efficiency. Reegle is definitely a better option than sifting through the thousands of sites that come up when using more general search engines.

Another core activity is the “Twinning Cities” idea. REEEP explains that “City Mayors have an important role to play in becoming leaders of sustainable energy systems at the local level. REEEP, in listening to its local partners, determined that cities in the Southern Hemisphere were requesting assistance and models for replication from OECD countries. For this reason, REEEP has established the City Twinning program as a mechanism to exchange experiences between cities.”

REEEP calls itself a catalyst for change. The organization has definitely proven its point by improving the global market for alternative energies while helping dozens of communities in the process.

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