We represent a large group of companies that specializes in arranging Capital and Funding for large viable projects and companies that are requiring funding. We specilize in equity funding.
We have Several Private Trusts that have funds available to invest in many varied and diverse projects and companies and operations World wide. We look seriously at any proposal or project that can show viability and sustainability. Projects and Companies that have been funded range from as low as ten million dollars to over one and a half billion dollars. We have many experts World wide that we have under our World wide Group of Companies that analyze your requirements.
The following represent what is needed in order to submit or make inquires for this funding process:
1. Viable and sustainable projects. This would include a well though out and reasonable income and expense breakdown that is supported, documented and well thought through.
2. A reasonable business plan along with accompanying executive summary.
3. Rounded and qualified management team and strategy in place or available.
4. Ability to travel to the appropriate location world wide in order to present this plan by someone who has the ability to make the decisions for the company or group and who would be responsible for signing of The Contracts and the funding.. This person or persons must be ale to make decisions and sign on behalf of the project at the time of meeting with the appropriate Trust.
5.Please forward everything to us now and we will come back to you promptly to arrange your meeting and funding .
If you are interested then you can direct your inquiries to and we will arrange for a metting to discuss your needs:
or phone 639-283-870-324

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