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The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), publisher of TerraGreen magazine, is holding a conference entitled “Pathways to Green Publishing” on Saturday, the 5th of April 2008, at the Players’ Building, Delhi Secretariat, in New Delhi.

Here is “Pathways to Green Publishing’s” program, here is an overview of TERI and the event, and here is a form to register.

It should be interesting to learn how India, a burgeoning emerging superpower, will transition to clean practices in their publishing industry, ranked 12th in the world. The one day conference will have three very practical sessions that in sum should provide a comprehensive assessment of ways to transition to clean publishing.

The Energy and Resources Institute
is one of the top green organizations
in the world. (Photo: TERI)

The first session will look at the environmental considerations in the paper, printing and publishing industry. There is the impact of deforestation for pulp, the release of toxic chemicals, water depletion, and great inefficiencies. All of these challenges are opportunities to use technology to utilize greater efficiencies and cut costs at the same time.

The second session examines solutions – surveying green publishing practices such as recycling paper, using agricultural waste for paper, enhanced toxicity testing for soy inks, silver substitutes, and of course, the internet! The session closes with presentations on the cost-effectiveness of recycling in publishing, the significance of government regulation, and the impact of incentives. By the way, watch out everyone, there are incentives and there are mandates that wear incentive clothing. It all should make for interesting and productive discussions.

The final session will have a pair of success stories, receiving presentations describing two cases international publishers went green. All in all, if your company is involved with print publishing during this green revolution, sooner or later, it will come down to adapt or die. For more information about the April 5th, 2008 one-day event in New Delhi, sponsored by The Energy and Resources Institute, here is “Pathways to Green Publishing’s program, here is an overview of TERI and the event, and here is a form to register.

The Energy and Resources Institute, or TERI, was founded in 1974 in India “with the purpose of tackling and dealing with the immense and acute problems that mankind is likely to be faced with in the years ahead, the gradual depletion of non-renewable energy and the existing methods of their use which are polluting.” Since then TERI has grown to over 700 people, headed up by Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri, their Director General who recently was co-awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his part in launching today’s green revolution.

“Pathways to Green Publishing” is produced by TERI’s independent publishing arm, the TERI Press, known for titles in the areas of energy, environment, and sustainable development. They also publish the magazine TerraGreen writing with a “focus on a diversity of issues including important developments in sustainable development, forestry, power and energy conservation, biotechnology, pollution and climate change, and on people trying to make a difference.”

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