USDA Recalls Hallf A Million Pounds Of Beef In Midwest

Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Nebraska, and Wyoming are currently in a scare after the USDA recalls approximately a half a million pounds of beef from King Soopers grocery store. The recall is due to a strain of antibiotic resistant Salmonella that has been linked to 14 cases of infected people who have recently consumed beef from the area.

The type of strain is known as Typhimurium DT104 holds its own when combated with commonly prescribed drugs and is culprit to increased hospitalization as well as failure to treat infected persons.

The infected products range from ground beef to pre-made hamburger patties. For more information regarding this and tips on how to identify infected products please visit the full article.

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  1. Collins Huff says:

    The feeding of chicken litter to cattle is the most likely source of this salmonella contamination. This practice was banned temporarily after the mad cow scare, although salmonella is a more important consideration due to the overuse of antibiotics required by confinement poultry production.


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