Republican Primary Turnout Greater Than Democrats For First Time in 80 Years

(EcoWorld) – A poll shows Republicans voted in substantially higher numbers than Democrats in the recent midterm primaries, marking the first time since 1930 that Republican turnout has exceeded Democrat turnout in midterm primaries.

The poll was conducted by Curtis Gans, director of American University’s Center for the Study of the American Electorate. One reason cited for the disparate turnout included a series of particularly heated Republican primary battles, fueled in part by Tea Party candidates.

Additionally, Democratic disillusionment with the economy lead to a dramatic decrease in that party’s turnout. Primary turnout in 10 different states was the lowest on record for the Democrats. The overall Democratic turnout represented an 80 year low, while Republicans saw the highest turnout for their party since 1970.

In 35 primaries held before September 1 that were analyzed, there were 4 million more Republicans who voted than Democrats. Gans said, “This is precisely the kind of disillusion that brought the Democrats down in 1994. What the last 16 months have done is rob the public of the hope that was engendered in 2008.

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