Frigid Cold Over Weekend Snaps Weather Records

INTERNATIONAL FALLS, Minn., Jan. 4 (UPI) — Bone-numbing cold and screeching winds howled across the United States during the weekend, breaking weather records in several regions, forecasters said.

International Falls, Minn., the self-proclaimed “Icebox of the Nation,” took notice as thermometers registered minus-37 degrees Saturday and Sunday mornings, smashing records that stood since 1979, USA Today reported Monday.

It ain’t over, either. Another cold air mass — likely more frigid than the current one — is ready to blanket roughly two-thirds of the United States later in the week, Weather Channel meteorologist Mark Ressler said.

The bitter cold threatens to keep daytime temperatures below zero across the northern Plains, possibly as far south as Omaha and Kansas City by the end of the week, reported. Snow was expected to accompany the next arctic blast.

Blustery winds will create even colder conditions, possibly dropping the temperature below zero in Dallas, forecasters said. When factoring in wind chill, AccuWeather said temps could reach 30 degrees below zero as far south as Kansas City.

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