Grass Roots Recycling: Minimal Effort, Major Impact

Recycling and proper waste disposal are paramount in a cleaner, safer environment. It effects everyone daily no matter what walk of life they are or where they may live at. Not enough people in our world currently participate in recycling their own waste, which takes little effort and yields an immense impact on our environment.

New York is a city that can make a global statement if everyone participated in recycling. The problem the city faces is education in recycling and methods of disposing waste properly.

In New York, the incentive may be greatest of all. Only 17 percent of the city’s household waste makes it into recycling bins, and New York has the largest public housing system in the country, with 2,600 buildings, 174,000 apartments and more than 400,000 residents in five boroughs.

To help curb this problem many recycling activist are starting grass roots movements to help combat the city wide problem of recycling waste. Gloria Allen has done just this by forming informational seminars in public housing buildings to help educated it’s occupants on the minimal effort needed to make a major impact on the city’s waste.

For more information on city wide recycling and New York based grass roots movements please read the full article.

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