European Union Urges Climate Change Aid to Developing Countries

BRUSSELS, Oct. 30 (UPI) — The European Union Friday said it proposes rich countries provide financial aid to developing countries to help those lands fight the effects of climate change.

The Financial Times said the European Union wants as much as $74 billion in funds transferred from rich countries a year by 2020 to help in the world’s fight against global warming.

EU officials, meeting in a preliminary session in Brussels, did not specify the European Union’s expected financial contributions to those efforts.

An agreement regarding how the requested aid from richer EU members to help poorer members of the 27-member bloc would be split was not reached Friday, the Times said.

The proposal from the European Union comes after old and new EU members were divided regarding what position the international organization will take at the global climate talks in Denmark next month.

Poland and other Eastern states warned during their preliminary session in Brussels that if they can’t reach an agreement, they may go to the Copenhagen meeting with their own proposals different than the rest of the union.

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