Enviromentalist Priorities & Global Warming Scare

There are several reasons to question the inordinate emphasis on anthropogenic CO2 that continues to grip media, political and corporate elites. Initially we were concerned because the pronouncements we were hearing in the media were almost always gross overstatements of reality.

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Another concern we had early on was regarding the way “deniers” were being treated. Apparently something as complex and chaotic as the global climate system is now operating in a predictive manner according to recently constructed and constantly updated computer models, and believing this is now a “moral issue.” This virulent anti-skeptic mentality undermines fundamental values of science and journalism, and bodes ill for freedom of expression and democracy. Even if skeptics are dead wrong, they don’t deserve to be demonized for questioning a scientific theory.

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A little later it became clear – in many ways – that negative unintended consequences accompany this emphasis on reducing CO2 emissions at all costs. Most ominous is how “the alarm industry” utterly dwarfs the voices of moderation and restraint.

Trying to get our arms around this, we published:

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So global warming, in our view, is being overhyped, skeptics are being demonized, and there are huge unintended negative consequences to pursuing anti-global warming policies. But is global warming even happening? Is it really an existential crisis? Here is where the noise coming from the alarm industry really becomes frightening – because there is possibly no basis whatsoever for global warming alarm. Recent findings continue to belie the claims of the alarmists; read CO2 & Global Warming and Aquabirds & Aquabuoys for some of the most recent observational data.

There are a growing number of climate scientists and meteorologists who are stepping forward and challenging the global warming alarm, but you wouldn’t know it if all you did was watch network news. Check these recent examples:

Physicist F. James Cripwell, a former scientist with UK’s Cavendish Laboratory:
“Now we have two papers, Smith et al in Science and Keenlyside in Nature saying that there will be a pause in this rise for a number of years, but then the accumulated effects of AGW will come back with a vengence, and temperatures will reach the levels predicted by the IPCC. The idea of AGW seems to be that a number of joules of heat fail to be radiated into space, and accumulate on earth; I call these “AGW joules”. They are said to heat the earth’s surface. However, if the earth is not heating up, and the AGW joules are accumulating, then they must be heating up something else; they have to “hide” somewhere. The only place that I can see that they can hide is in the deep oceans. For the warmaholics this seems to be enough; there is another hypothesis. But is this good enough for serious scientists?” (Source)

Meteorologist Karl Bohnak of WLUC TV6 in Michigan:
“My views are counter to the consensus view that “mainstream” media repeatedly bombards us with. That does NOT mean I do not care about the environment. For many years I kept silent on this issue; no more. The misinformation, exaggeration and alarmist tone to network news stories about GW has, in my opinion, gone over the line from objective journalism to advocacy. The derogatory labels and downright libelous characterization of scientists with views counter to the “consensus” is appalling.” (Source)

Geologist David Archibald of Summa Development Limited in Australia:
“Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, but the effect is strongly logarithmic. The first 20 ppm achieves 1.5 degrees of heating, but it takes more than another 400 ppm to equal that. By the time we get to the current level of 384 ppm, carbon dioxide is tuckered out as a greenhouse gas. From here, every 100 ppm extra may be worth 0.1 of a degree. So how does the IPCC achieve 5 degrees of heating from a doubling of the pre-industrial level of carbon dioxide to 560 ppm? They do it by cheating. Their computer models are written so that a little bit of carbon dioxide-caused heating puts more water vapour in the air. Water vapour is the major greenhouse gas, so they have the heating compounding away until they get a number that will melt icecaps, kill polar bears and all the other effects of their apocalyptic visions. Their view of the Earth’s climate is that it is tremendously unstable, prone to thermal runaway at the slightest provocation. In fact it is the opposite, a buffered system that dampens disturbances.” (Source)

These are just a few examples from what has become a growing chorus, one that will not be silenced much longer. It has never been our charter to be a forum on global warming, but perhaps it should be, since so much is at stake. Not only are environmentalist priorities hopelessly skewed thanks to global warming alarm, but our rights and freedoms are being systematically obliterated.

The African Hyena

In California, public employees make 2-4 times what globalized private sector workers earn for similar work. Through their associations, they exercise nearly absolute control over elections and legislation, and global warming alarm is the pretext for new taxes and fees that will help the state and local public entities avoid a long overdue reckoning with bankruptcy. Because of this tyranny, which enables taxpayer-funded brainwashing campaigns, Californians will be the last people on earth to realize that global warming alarmism is a fraud, perpetuated by powerful special interests – a tool, a way to preserve a status quo where monopolies flourish, and the only good jobs left for ordinary workers are in the government sector.

California, my native state, the land that I love, is a magical, wonderful place, with abundant natural beauty and a culture of innovation that rivals anything the world has ever seen. But California’s private sector innovation exists not because, but in spite of California’s ever expanding government sector, where self-serving and unexamined lies benefit not the earth, not the people, but only inequitable privilege.

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  1. Al Fin says:

    Well done. You have been on a long run of exceptionally good articles for some time now. Keep it up.

    Every time I return to California for a visit, I am surprised, just a bit, that the state is still functional. State governments such as that of California could not function without corruption. If they tried to operate strictly by their dysfunctional set of regulations and rules, Sacramento would go up in smoke.

    Too bad California is seen as a bellwether.


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