Amateur Dinosaur Hunters Discover Largest Footprints Ever Found

PARIS, Oct. 7 (UPI) — Amateur dinosaur hunters in France have stumbled upon what paleontologists say could be the largest dinosaur footprints ever found, experts say.

The prints, measuring up to 6.6 feet in diameter, were located in the Jura mountains north of Lyon in an area that was wet sand some 150 million years ago, reports.

“It’s amazing because it’s not just fossils, it’s also traces of life,” says geologist Patrice Landry. “You can see where they walked, you can imagine the dinosaurs on this beach, feet sinking in the sludge, coming and going.”

Paleontologists say they think the prints were made by sauropods, gentle leaf-eaters who were the true giants of the dinosaur family.

France’s Jura region takes its name from the Jurassic period.

The discovery makes the nearby village of Plagne one of the leading dinosaur sites in the world.

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