Al Gore Speaks About His Latest Book "Our Choice" in Washington

Former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore speaks about his latest book on climate change “Our Choice” at George Washington University in Washington on November 5, 2009. UPI/Alexis C. Glenn

Date Taken: November 5, 2009

6 Responses to “Al Gore Speaks About His Latest Book "Our Choice" in Washington”
  1. mackenzie and alysha says:


  2. mackenzie and alysha says:

    you are awesome. GOOD ADVICE

  3. mackenzie and alysha says:

    we had 2 watch one of your videos. we were really inspired

  4. Jake says:

    Don’t listen to this guy. He’s not a scientist, he’s a sensationalist who makes money from people’s phony guilt. Global Warming is not caused by humans and we cannot stop it Mr. Gore. Thanks for the b*llsh*t.

  5. Keir Davis says:

    Here, here Jake.
    A politician espousing truth, facts, and earnestness?
    That’ll be the day!
    As usual, appealing to peoples’ basic fears, angst, and gullibility will certainly ensure good book, newspaper, (and, unfortunately, the Enviropsychos’ new media for misinformation distribution) movies sales.
    However, I have a basic tenet in life: if a government tells you something is bad, it must be good (and vice-versa); if they tell you to act in a certain way for the benefit of yourself, the opposite is usually true.
    I recommend any environmentalist who has half a brain, look up what and where the term ‘Lysenckoism’ means/originated, and try to associate this with: politicians’ grab for power by twisting facts (or using certain data to push and agenda whilst ignoring contrary data), and concensus-science.
    I am – as the global fear-mongers are now labelling sceptics – a ‘doubter’ and I am very proud to be one.
    Galilleo was a ‘doubter’ when the concensus tried to silence him – and just look where we are because of his ability to see through political fact-twisting.

  6. Aaron Campbell says:

    Well said! Although on the other other side of the spectrum, it’ nice to see that Al is actually losening up some…..


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