Wildlife Management Sees Funding Boost from Gun Sales

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Dec. 14 (UPI) — U.S. wildlife habitats and management areas will see a big bump in funding due to a surge in gun and ammunition sales, officials said.

Higher firearms and ammunition sales prompted by fears that the election of President Barack Obama could usher in a new call for gun restrictions has also meant big increases in a federal tax collected on the sales of firearms and ammo, which is redistributed to wildlife and hunting programs in each U.S. state, The Detroit Free Press reported Monday.

The newspaper said Michigan is expecting $17 million from the taxes, $6 million more than last year’s record, which will be coming at a time when the state’s departments of natural resources and environmental quality are merging.

The Free Press said the firearms and ammo tax is also used to lease land from farmers to give hunters access and to operate Michigan’s 128 game and wildlife areas.

“These federal dollars are more critical than ever,” said Chuck Nelson, a professor of forestry at Michigan State University.

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  1. Tobie says:

    Yeah, lets not forget that the United States is the worst in the world regarding deaths by gunshot, per capita. Paranoid, delusional, hunt it down and kill it, whether its a wild animal or a person.
    But hey, it doesn’t matter, the government is making money off the taxes, who cares!!!! Everyone deserves a break and trophy on their wall or to get even with that neighbor or ex. Why not eh? Americans have the right to bear arms, their state of mind is of no consequence.


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