Utah Wildlife Officials Need to Remove 50 Million Pounds of Carp

PROVO, Utah, Nov. 27 (UPI) — Utah wildlife officials said they are open to ideas for disposing of 50 million pounds of carp slated for removal from a lake.

Chris Keleher, recovery programs assistant director for the Utah Department of Natural Resources, said the department is planning to remove about 50 million pounds of carp from Utah Lake, near Provo, during the next six years to allow the population of June sucker, a native fish on the federal endangered list, to recover, The New York Times reported Friday.

He said officials are seeking destinations for the removed fish, which will account for about 75 percent of the current carp population in the lake.

“We’re looking pretty much at a spectrum of uses that could go anywhere from land-filling, which we really don’t want to do, all the way up to human consumption,” Keleher said. “The most promising idea right now is liquid fertilizer.”

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