Finches Seized in Bird Fighting Raid Heading to Utah Aviary

SALT LAKE CITY, Sept. 19 (UPI) — Finches confiscated in a raid on a suspected bird-fighting operation in Connecticut will be part of an aviary exhibit in Salt Lake City, the curator said.

Law enforcement officers figured they would find gamecocks when they raided the house in Shelton, Conn., in July.

Instead, petite songbirds with bright yellow feathers and orange crowns awaited.

Because they had been trained to be aggressive, the South African tanagers will be monitored for a month to see how well they’re getting along, said Roger Sweeney, the Salt Lake City bird park curator.

The Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City will take 10 birds, and several zoos have agreed to take some. But the Bureau of Regulation and Inspection at the Connecticut Department of Agriculture is looking for homes for other seized birds.

“We’d gotten 100 cages ready to house these fighting cocks that we were going to seize,” said Bruce Sherman, the bureau’s director. “There was a lot of time spent setting up and preparing for that, then everything changed when we found out they were finches.”

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  1. Ursula says:

    Since these teens were “trained to be aggressive” and they are in the United States, can we assume they are citizens? Send them, as well as those in jail for aggression, murder, rape, etc., to Iraq or wherever their aggression can be put to better use and retrain them.

    Use the prisoners on death row for lab testing … human testing will prove truer results. Let the animals be.


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