7 Foot Long Rattlesnake Found Outside Florida Home

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., Oct. 1 (UPI) — A Florida snake trapper said the newspaper photo of a rattlesnake he killed outside a St. Augustine residence exaggerated the snake’s length.

The eastern diamondback snake measured 7 feet, 3 inches long, but appeared longer in a St. Augustine Record photo Wednesday. The largest of its kind recorded was 8 feet long, the Record reported Thursday.

“Actually, I’ve killed them bigger than that before,” he said. “It’s rare, but it’s not like hitting the lottery or anything. If you look hard enough, you’ll find them,” said Brandon Booth, owner of A-1 Trapper Man, who responded to a resident’s call to come and kill the snake.

Although rattlesnakes of that length are not uncommon, the snake Booth killed was “a formidable rattlesnake,” said Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Joy Hill.

“(The snake) is another victim of development because a lot of people just don’t like snakes. They sure don’t want a rattlesnake around their house,” Hill said.

“I was always brought up that the only good poisonous snake is a dead poisonous snake,” Booth agreed.

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  1. Travis says:

    Formidable? Bears, Elephant, Rhinos, Hippos are all formidable animals. Just because people fear them up close does not give them the right to kill them. I am from Clearwater, Fl & find it hard to believe that our Fish & Wildlife Commission can just sit back & agree with trappers who kill animals regarless of their stature or “formidability”. I know who NOT to call if I come across an animal this size. I’ll call someone who stands for conservation & would be willing to go great lengths to accomplish that goal.


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